The Best Balloon Rides in South Somerset

Taunton Balloon Rides 

The county town of Somerset sits in the Vale of Taunton Deane, this bowled effect of the valley is clear to see when above on a Taunton balloon ride. Taunton itself is lucky enough to be surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks and vast wetlands and moors. The area has become a popular choice for hot air ballooning in Somerset and it’s clear to see why as you are spoiled for views and variety of landscape.

As you rise into the skies on your Taunton Balloon Ride, you will see the Bristol Channel closing in to the North. To the east lies a vast area of low lying wetlands known as the Somerset Levels, giving Somerset its name. To the South you can see The Blackdown Hills, large woodlands scatter the hills that you may even be lucky to brush over during your flight, the hills run along the Somerset-Devon boarder and is the epitome of the English countryside. Whichever direction you fly in you can be sure to see hedgerows, small farms, intricate field patterns, deep valleys and narrow winding roads. As you climb higher on your Somerset balloon ride in the distance you will notice Exmoor National Park in the easterly direction and just North East the Qauntock Hills, another area of outstanding natural beauty. 

We launch from the quaint Somerset village of Stoke St Mary on the eastern edge of Taunton. A lovely starting point for your balloon ride journey. Whichever direction the wind takes you on your Taunton Hot Air Balloon ride you can be sure to find some of the most quintessentially British countryside pass below the basket. Perhaps the wind will take you over Taunton town where you could spot the 1,300 year-old castle or the beautiful Vivary Park. For anyone local to Taunton this is the perfect opportunity to see your familiar town from new heights. 

Picture of Taunton town centre. The castle and st Marys church in the foreground. picture taken from a taunton balloon ride


Yeovil Balloon Rides 

Another wonderful Somerset balloon ride location is in the South of the county not far from the Dorset boarder. Once you lift off on your Yeovil Balloon ride you will be struck by the characteristic rolling green hills of this timeless countryside. 

Your panoramic view will surprise you. As you gaze to the North West you will see the North Somerset coastline which gives you a new perspective of the South West. As you take advantage of your 360 degree view you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the iconic Somerset landmark, Glastonbury Tor. Perhaps your Yeovil hot air balloon flight will drift to the east and cross county boarders landing in amongst stunning Dorset countryside. To the South the rolling hills of the county boarder meet the Jurassic coastline, where you could spot the miniature coastal towns of Bridport and Lyme Regis. 

balloon flight from Haselbury Mill lawn

Most Yeovil balloon rides with Fly Away Ballooning launch from Haselbury Mill, a beautiful hospitality village nestled in the Somerset countryside. The Mill is steeped in history and is the most fitting place to enjoy a Hot Air balloon ride in South Somerset. 


Somerset Levels and Mendip Balloon Rides 

At the heart of Somerset lies the Somerset Levels, situated at the feet of the Mendips and Blackdown hills these are amongst some of the lowest and flattest areas of the UK. Teaming with significantly important wildlife you really do need your binoculars on a Somerset Levels balloon ride! There can be few greater balloon ride locations to catch glimpses of wading birds especially the Common Crane which were re-introduced to the levels around a decade ago. 

Three common cranes fly past bath gin hot air balloon with hill in the background

A Somerset Balloon ride over the levels is characterised by low-lying flat wet meadows bordered by rhynes, ditches and low hills making for a dramatic landscape. Sudden and unexpected mounds rise mysteriously from the land such as the striking historic site of Burrow Mump topped by the romantic ruins of a medieval church and burrow hill, home of the Somerset Cider Brandy Company. You will not be disappointed on a balloon ride over the levels especially if you are a twitcher! 

Bath gin hot air balloon at sunset flying over flat ground with hills in the background.

We have several launch sites on the Somerset Levels but most of our balloon flights take place from Muchelney. We have found this area to be the most suitable for launching giving all our guests the longest, safest and most enjoyable flight. In all directions you will be surrounded by Somersets finest low lying countryside and the higher hills on the horizon. 

Fly Away Ballooning

Fly Away Ballooning offer both shared balloon rides in Somerset and exclusive balloon flights throughout the South West including Bristol & Bath. To find out more about who we are and the heritage behind Fly Away Ballooning click here. All our hot air balloon experiences are now carbon neutral.

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