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Shared balloon rides in Taunton, Bath & Exeter

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to celebrate those special occasions and an activity that features on nearly everyone's bucket list. For the last couple of years we have been aiming to expand our operation to allow as many people as possible to enjoy our experiences across the south west. 

This is why we are extremely happy to announce that we are now offering shared hot air balloon rides in two NEW locations! 

Fly in a hot air balloon over Devon with Fly Away Ballooning and explore mother natures playground at heights of up to 3000ft, or drift gently over the UK's only city to be designated a UNESCO world heritage site and lose yourself in the stunning countryside that surrounds Bath.

We have currently scheduled shared balloon rides in each location on three different slots a week and will add new dates throughout the year. 

Whether you plan to take your other half, best friend or a family member, your balloon experience with Fly Away Ballooning is sure to be special. 

Your flight will have a maximum of 8 people, so it will feel personal and comfortable compared to other operators that squish you in large baskets amongst 16 others. 

The whole experience lasts 3-4 hours and will begin from one of our chosen sites in your preferred area. The launch site is chosen the day before depending on the wind speed and direction to provide you with the longest, safest and most enjoyable flight. 

Feel free to get stuck in and help with the set up and inflation or stand back and watch as the hot air balloon takes shape. Once it's time to hop into the basket, many of our passengers are surprised by the relaxing sensation of taking off. You will drift into the sky and move with the wind, creating almost stillness in the balloon as you match the wind speed. 

A balloon flight is incomparable to any other form of flying. It's slow and serene nature with panoramic views in the open air makes it totally unique. Whether it's drifting over the rolling hills, picturesque valleys and timeless countryside of Devon or rising above England's finest Georgian city and exploring Bath from the unique vantage point of a sport that has defied time and technology like the city below. Your own experience will be spectacular and memorable in its own way. 

Read about the experience.

You will be in the air for around an hour, a wonderful time to relax, enjoy the views, take photos and live the experience. Morning and evening flights are equally magical and we have a selection of complimentary tipples to top it off.

Whether you live near Bath, Exeter or Taunton and want to see your local area from a new perspective or if you are visiting the south west on holiday. Joining Fly Away Ballooning on one of our shared rides is a memorable activity to last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for, your adventure starts today! Book one of our shared balloon rides here - Book your flight

Our shared flights are available weekdays and weekends. Please bear in mind as with all hot air balloon rides they are entirely weather dependent. 

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