The Benefits of Balloon Branding

Hot air balloons have been a marvellous sight in our skies since they were first invented in 1783. They’re universally fascinating; people across the globe, old and young, can enjoy the spectacle of a balloon flight, from the thrill of taking to the skies in the basket to the joy of watching from the ground below.       

Reaching your audience from the air  

The Benefits of Balloon Branding


Today, hot air balloons don’t only offer a unique and exciting flight experience; they also provide some of the most powerful advertising opportunities that exist. Just one balloon flight can be seen for miles by thousands of people. We can also amplify this on a bigger scale by taking the balloon to an event. As such, the possibilities of reach are huge; media and spectators alike can’t resist taking photos and videos of a balloon gracefully floating in the sky and sharing it with their audience. And ‘voila’, you’ve got yourself a tremendous amount of exposure from air advertising, almost effortlessly.

Balloon branding offers the opportunity to be different and stand out, reaching your audience from great heights. We’re going to cover a few burning questions (no pun intended) you might have about hot air balloon advertising with some of our frequently asked questions. 

What is hot air balloon advertising?

Hot air balloon advertising, or air advertising, is the act of putting your brand onto a hot air balloon, displaying your message across the skies every time the balloon takes flight. It’s a unique alternative to traditional advertising methods and one that’s guaranteed to make an impact. 

The Benefits of Balloon Branding

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, balloon branding is your most effective, long-term, high-impact, and low-cost marketing tool. What we mean by that is your balloon can fly the skies for years, captivating onlookers as they watch the balloon’s flight from anywhere across the world. It just takes one click of the camera and one ‘share’ online, and your brand could be a talking point worldwide.

Did you know? A balloon can be transported with ease and flown or tethered almost anywhere. This means very few location are out of bounds when it comes to balloon branding. 


Does aerial advertising work?

Absolutely. The very nature of aerial balloon advertising sets it apart from traditional advertising, as its strong visual effect creates a lasting impression. Air balloon marketing has a greater recall rate than all other forms of advertising, and you can probably imagine why. After all, hot air balloons are mesmerising!


Do balloons attract customers?

Most definitely! Balloon branding allows you to put your brand centre stage—all across the South of England. We have many strategies to help maximise your audience, including target flying to get your balloon in the right place at the right time. If there’s a particular event or place you want to target, we’re all ears! We’ve previously featured at balloon festivals all over the country, flown over Glastonbury festival in full swing, made it onto Sky Sports during the Women’s International Cricket (England vs. India), and made headlines on BBC news. We like to think of ourselves as impossible to ignore. 

The Benefits of Balloon Branding


FAB tip: Picture your balloon branding as your very own floating billboard. Your brand essentially becomes part of the scenery in the South of England, showcasing your message every time we take the balloon out for a ride. 

How can I hire a hot air balloon?

The corporate hire of our balloons start at £1750 per day. This allows you the option of adding a banner to one of our unbranded balloons, meaning we can tailor your branding to a one off specific event.  


The Benefits of Balloon Branding

To find out more about hiring one of our balloons for commercial purposes, please get in touch. We can build the perfect package to suit your company’s needs. 

How much does it cost to advertise on a hot air balloon?

The cost of aerial advertising is very much dependent on several factors, and we offer a range of packages tailor-made to suit your brand's needs. We also offer a free mock-up to visually represent what your brand will look like on our balloon. Get in touch today to see what we can offer you. 

Is aerial advertising expensive? 

Aerial advertising is a very cost-effective means of advertising. It’s both long-term and high-impact—meaning your balloon can last for years and make an impression every time it hits the sky. 

A balloon has a CPM (cost per mile) of up to 10 times less than any other type of traditional media, owing to its 10-year lifespan. This makes balloon branding one of the most effective yet low-cost marketing tools out there.

What makes a great ad?

Any logo on a balloon will stand out and draw people’s eye, and the balloon itself will often generate media activity due to its photographability. We advise simple balloon branding that conveys your brand message from near and far and that photographs well, too. 

FAB Tip: Don’t overwhelm your design with text, instead, let your image and branding speak for themselves. We’ll do the rest! 


The Benefits of Balloon Branding

How do advertisements attract our attention?

Some of the most powerful advertisements are the ones that connect with our emotions, making us feel something in response to seeing them. That’s why balloon branding is so powerful—seeing a hot air balloon in the sky can evoke joy and excitement. It can even connect us with our child-like selves! A hot air balloon is both memorable and emotive, making it the perfect place to showcase your brand in a way that won’t be forgotten. 

The Benefits of Balloon Branding

Will my balloon be shared in the media and online?

One of the most powerful marketing tools in 2022 is consumers themselves. By drawing people’s attention to our balloon, we encourage them to stop, stare, and share. Did you know that 63% of people who see a balloon share their image online? That’s why balloon branding is a perfect way to grab someone’s attention and start to cause waves on social media. 

The Benefits of Balloon Branding


Did you know? Photos uploaded to Instagram which contain a hot air balloon receive on average 44% more engagement. 

We’ve also been featured in the media many times. From making a BBC news headline for landing in a school playground to appearing on Sky Sports at the Women’s International Cricket, we draw attention everywhere we fly! 


What’s the process of getting my design on a balloon, and how long will it take? 

We’ll work with you to create the perfect design and guide you through all the steps of balloon branding along the way. The time from the artwork approval to your first flight is about 18 weeks, so you’ll be up in the air in no time! 

Can I advertise on a hot air balloon at an event?

Yes! As part of our balloon branding process, we’ll discuss the kind of events you want to be showcased at. We’ve covered everything from Hot Air Balloon Fiestas, Music Festivals, Sporting Events, and Country Shows—all of which welcome balloons. 

Contact us to learn more about banners for your specific events.


What kind of event coverage can I expect to see? 

It depends on the event, but let’s look at an example. We flew a balloon at Bristol Balloon Fiesta in 2021, reaching a total of 287.5 million people! Here is a breakdown of the stats: 

Attendees: 500,000 (2018)

Print and online articles: 243 | Reach >52m

Broadcasts: 920 | Reach: 244m

Social Media reach: 2.7m 

Total reach: >287.5m 


The Benefits of Balloon Branding


Do you offer corporate balloon rides for clients?

Yes. We schedule flights from April through to October across the South of England. These provide an opportunity for an emotional connection with your brand, as well as exposure through your unique balloon branding.

The Benefits of Balloon Branding


Experience-based brands can also benefit from customer interaction through special balloon rides that offer a tailor-made experience. One of our clients, Bath Gin, hosted a 360-degree gin experience for their clients, taking them up in their branded balloon and serving a gin and tonic at 3000ft. This provided a totally unique experience to wow their clients—seeing the magnificent branded balloon for the first time, enjoying an exhilarating 360-degree flight, and experiencing the exciting landing at the end of the ride. 

Fly Away Ballooning invites you to entertain in the ultimate style, whether for corporate guests, customers, staff, or the media.

We hope this has inspired you and got you thinking about the opportunities that hot air balloon advertising can create. To speak with us about how we can make balloon branding work for you, get in touch with us today. Our founder and third-generation Balloonist, Hugo Hall, will gladly run you through the possibilities to get your message up in the air.

The Benefits of Balloon Branding

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