Hot Air Ballooning

You can see in 360 degrees for miles on end, and your flight feels absolutely uninhibited and free. As the landscape shrinks into miniature, a model world appears below.

Whether you are close to the ground viewing the fascinating wildlife, up amongst the clouds marvelling at their powdery appearance, or peering down at dramatic cliffs, rolling hills and toybox towns,you will be intrigued by this aerial mystery tour.


Once you arrive at your preferred launch site at a pre arranged time you will meet your pilot and ground crew. Here you can watch as your pilot undertakes a final weather check and consults a map. Your pilot will talk you through a pre flight safety briefing and this is when he will answer any questions you may have.

Setting up

We like to invite our passengers to help assemble the balloon and lay it out ready for the cold inflation. A rather noisy fan will pump cold air into the envelope and for the first time you will see the balloon take shape. After just a few minutes your pilot will take to the controls as hot air is pumped into the balloon and it rises standing at some 90ft tall. It’s at this point you hop in with our helpful crew waiting to assist you if need be.

Take off

Before take off your pilot will explain and show you the landing procedure. Then perhaps for the first time you rise into the sky with 360 degree views in the open air.

The flight

Apart from the occasional whoosh from the burner the flight is peaceful. As you drift along at the same speed as the wind it is quite common to see an array of wildlife – from deer skipping through the tall crops to birds of prey swooping from the trees. As the balloon ascends to higher altitudes, the rolling hills that surround you transform into a flat green canvas below your feet which stretches out to the horizon and meets the sea.

The landing

For a lot of people, the landing is often the most fun. Just before landing, your pilot will ask you to get in the pre explained landing poisition. Whether it's the excitment of a drag landing or a gentle upright descent, every balloon landing is an adventure.

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