How do I know whether my flight is going ahead?

Hot air ballooning is weather dependent so your flight can be cancelled if the weather does not make it safe to fly you.

The day before your flight (16.00pm): Your pilot will contact you with a weather update, meeting time and location.

What should I wear?

We recommend clothes suitable for a walk in the country depending on the time of year and on the specific day you are flying.

Generally warm, comfortable layers are a good idea, plus a cap for the warmth from the burners. Depending on conditions, you may be walking in wet, muddy fields so sensible shoes or trainers you don't mind getting a little dirty are essential.

How long does it all take?

Our balloon flights are around an hour but you should allow four hours for the whole experience.

What is the approximate meeting time?

Arrival times will vary throughout the year depending on sunrise and sunset times. In the mornings as early as 5am to as late as 8.30am or in the evenings as early as 4pm and as late as 6.30pm.

Is it cold during the flight?

You will be no colder in the balloon than when you are on the ground. The burners are located above your head and, as you will be moving with the wind, there is no wind chill. The burners can be quite warm so wear layered clothing & we recommend you wear a hat to protect your head from the heat of the burners.

Can people come with me to watch?

Sure, bring your friends or family along to watch but please advise them that there may be no lavatories or other facilities on the launchsite. They are also not to drive onto our launch or landing fields.

What to do if my flight has been cancelled?

Ballooning is weather dependent and our vouchers are valid for 2 years. They are all non refundable unless bought with a refund guarantee. In the unfortunate case that your balloon flight has to be cancelled please head back to our website, check our availability and contact us to book onto another flight.

Can I fly?

Generally anyone can partake in ballooning. You need to be able to climb in and out of the basket, stand unassisted for an hour and be able to bend your knees and hold on. Passengers must also be able to fully understand and follow all instructions given by the pilot.

Unfortunately for safety reasons we cannot fly you if you are pregnant. You must not fly if you are suffering from any significant medical condition or if you have recently undergone major surgery. We require you to tell us about any medical or physical condition that could be considered to affect your safety or the safety of others.

What is the age limit for ballooning?

Whilst there is no maximum age limit for ballooning, a child under the age of 6 years is not able to fly with us due to safety regulations.

How do we get in and out of the basket?

You climb in and out of the balloon by the foot holes in the basket. If you feel you might have problems climbing in, please let our crew know and they will help you.

Is ballooning safe?

Hot air ballooning is very safe. It is a highly regulated activity with strict safety guidelines. We are licensed by the CAA to operate balloons and our pilots hold full commercial pilots licenses flying modern and up to date equipment to ensure the safety of all our passengers.

What's the landing like?

More often than not the landings are calm and gentle but sometimes on landing the basket can tip and/or drag along before coming to rest. This is how balloons have been landing for over 200 years and is perfectly normal. The landings are exciting and many people say it is their favourite part of the flight.

Where will we land?

As balloons can’t be steered in the traditional sense you’re never quite sure where you will land. The destination is irrelevant, the adventure is everything! Your pilot will be looking for suitable landing spots after 50 minutes.

How far will we fly?

Balloons travel with the wind so each balloon flight varies depending on the wind speed. You could fly a relatively short distance or perhaps as far as 20 miles.

When do we fly?

Our main operating season is the start of April to the end of September but our exclusive flights are available all year round. We generally fly in the mornings and evenings but some flights will take place during the day in late October or through the winter.