Terms & Conditions


Please read all our Terms and Conditions carefully before you purchase any of our tickets/vouchers. They are all subject to them.


  • Nothing in these terms & conditions will affect any of your rights as a consumer under any applicable legislation
  • You must be at least 18 years of age and have legal capacity to buy any tickets/vouchers from us.
  • You must ensure all the information you supply to us is complete and accurate.

Your flight/voucher:

  • All our tickets/vouchers are valid for 2 years from point of sale, unless otherwise stated.
  • All our tickets/vouchers are non-refundable unless purchased with a refund guarantee (certain experiences only).
  • Your ticket/voucher is not redeemable for cash.
  • If you have not booked onto at least 10 flights within the validity of your ticket/voucher and made every reasonable effort to get there you will lose your right to take your flight.
  • All tickets/vouchers are bought on a pre-paid basis unless otherwise stated.
  • The recipient of a gift voucher must have also booked onto at least 10 flights within the validity of their voucher.
  • The date of your booked flight must be within the validity of your ticket/voucher.
  • All tickets/vouchers can be exchanged for Fly Away Ballooning LTD merchandise at any time during their validity, up to and equal to the value of purchase.

Voucher extension:

  • If within the validity period of your voucher, we have to postpone your booked flight on 10 or more occasions, we will extend the voucher for another 6 months.

Discounted bookings:

Any vouchers or tickets purchased using a promo/offer code are valid for a strict 12 month period only and are non-refundable under any circumstances. No amount will be returned if a promo/offer code is presented after booking. 


  • Available on private experiences only. 
  • Your deposit is non-refundable unless purchased with refund insurance.
  • The remaining balance is collected before arrival. 
  • If your flight is rescheduled due to unsuitable weather and the money has been collected, it is kept by Fly Away Ballooning. 
  • If purchased with refund insurance the refund insurance is not refunded. 

    Postponed by you:

    • You may postpone your booked flight attempt no later than 5 days prior to flying.
    • Postponement must be made by telephone during business hours and messages are not acceptable.
    • If you fail to give notice in accordance with the point above or arrive late for your flight, you will invalidate your voucher.

    Postponed by us:

    Hot air balloon flights are dependent upon the weather conditions. It may be necessary to postpone a flight at any time if in the judgment of the pilot the conditions are not safe or the flight would not be permitted under the Air Navigation Order or any other laws or regulation. Additionally, flights may be dependent on mechanical performance or staffing availability. Similarly, a trip may be postponed due to less than minimum numbers being achieved.

    We will use our reasonable endeavours to provide you with as much warning as operational procedures allow of any postponement of your flight but this could be at any time up to the moment of your flight.

    • We do not accept liability for any damages, costs or expenses, consequential or otherwise that may be incurred for any changes, cancellations or postponements of any flight.
    • We, or our pilot, may at our or their discretion cancel your flight for any booked date or alter its time without notice because of matters beyond our or their control.

    The flight and health & safety:

    • It is intended that the flight duration will be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, but the pilot has the ultimate responsibility for deciding the duration and conduct of any flight and the appropriate time and place of any landing. 
    • Certain launch sites may have operational limitations on use and in these situations another launch site may be used. 
    • You must satisfy yourself that you are fit to participate in your flight and that you’re not suffering from any illness or other medical condition or disability which might prevent you from participating or might be affected by your participation. You must take appropriate medical advice for this purpose.
    • You must not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs whilst participating in your flight. If, in our or the pilots reasonable opinion, you are under the influence, you will not be allowed to take part. No refund will be payable in these circumstances and you will not be able to re-book.
    • You must be at least 7 years old and a minimum of 4’6” tall to be able to see over the edge and take a safe landing position. Any one under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
    • You must comply with all requests from, and instructions given by, the pilot when participating in your flight
    • Your pilot may not allow you to participate if you fail to comply with his requests, fail to wear appropriate clothing or If he reasonably considers that your participation may harm you or anyone else
    • Failure of passengers to arrive on time for a pre-arranged flight will result in the loss of their flight without refund
    • Hot air ballooning is an adventure sport which intrinsically involves the possibility of physical risk even though they are conducted under the supervision of pilots who exercise all due precautions to ensure safety. In taking part passengers are understood to be fully aware of these risks. 
    • Read our Safety & Operational Requirements 

    Re Fly:

    On very rare occasions a flight may be deemed by the pilot in command to be of poor quality. This maybe a flight that is either shorter than normal or may experience poor visibility. The pilot may offer to re fly all passengers free of charge. Any free of charge re fly may only be taken mid week by the passenger on the original flight. This is not transferable. 


    • Under no circumstances will Fly Away Ballooning be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost or damaged property, lost profits or savings or damages for disappointment.