10 Best Things to do in Somerset this Summer Season 2024

Nestled between Devon and Dorset, Somerset beckons with its quaint villages, rolling countryside, and many activities perfect for a summer getaway. Whether exploring historic sites like the Roman Baths, hiking the picturesque Mendip Hills, or indulging in delicious cider tastings, Somerset offers plenty of adventures among its stunning scenery. From Somerset hot air balloon rides to beautiful cycle routes, discover all the best things to do in Somerset this summer.

1. Bath 


While you explore the beautiful county of Somerset, you can’t miss the city of Bath! This Georgian jewel is rich in history, elegant architecture, and natural thermal springs, making it a perfect stop on your summer travels. 

At its heart are the Roman Baths — a testament to the city’s ancient ingenuity, outstanding beauty, and incredible stories. However, there’s much more to Bath, like its honey-coloured stone buildings lining the streets, an incredible Abbey, many museums, and iconic landmarks such as the Royal Crescent.

2. Visit a Cider Farm

Renowned for its cheddar cheese and cider, many cider farms are dotted throughout the southwest countryside. This wealth of apple orchards once made Somerset the cider capital of the UK. Therefore, visiting a cider farm is one of the best things to do in Somerset, offering a great chance to learn how cider was first made. 

During your Somerset summer adventure, stop at a cider farm, wander through the orchards, and savour some of the scrumptious drink on a beautiful, calm farm terrace. There’s no better cider than fresh and locally sourced!

3. Glastonbury Festival 


Every year, the peaceful pastures of Somerset become the set of one of the world's most famous live music events: Glastonbury Festival. With a diverse lineup of music artists across genres, from rock and pop to electronic and folk, it’s one of the ultimate things to do in Somerset (it takes place every June). 

People travel from all over to dance to the music of their favourite artists, enjoy immersive art installations, and soak up the inclusive and vibrant atmosphere of the festival. Here, you can dive into the culture and countryside of Somerset while watching some of the biggest names perform.

But that’s not the only noteworthy event! Throughout the summer, there are many different events around the entire region, from cider festivals to massive flower shows – there’s something for everyone. 

Note: Glastonbury is held annually every June. Tickets usually go on sale in October and November the year before, so set a reminder in your calendar! 

Glastonbury Tor

While in the region, don’t skip out on Glastonbury Tor, one of the most striking and mystical-looking landmarks. This tor is an excellent spot to visit and is accessible from numerous hiking trails. At the top sits the St. Michael’s Tower, which you can already spot from further away. It’s also said to be a gateway to the underworld in Celtic mythology!

3. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Somerset

Going on a Somerset hot air balloon ride is a bucket-list activity during summer. Whether it’s early morning, as the sun rises over the storybook scenery, or during sunset, it promises a breathtaking journey through serene landscapes and historic towns. 

As you gently ascend, panoramic views unfold: patchwork fields with grazing livestock, winding rivers, and ancient villages nestled among the rolling hills. Besides, from above, landmarks like Glastonbury Tor and Wells Cathedral pop against a backdrop of greenery and distant horizons. 

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4. Go Cycling or Hiking in National Landscapes

When the sun comes out, the stunning countryside is perfect for many outdoor activities. Somerset has many incredible places to go hiking or cycling, such as the lush Cheddar Gorge or Mendip Hills. Bring your bike (there are also plenty of options to rent one), pop on your hiking boots, and get ready to explore the winding roads between the green rolling farmland.

Meander your way between the steep ridges in Quantock Hills, following the trail to some incredible viewpoints over the surrounding scenery. You might even spot some ponies roaming free! Alternatively, hike a section of the Southwest Coast Path, passing dramatic cliffs and beautiful white sand beaches.

Tip: This is a beautiful way to see all the exciting places around this area of England and a top thing to do in Somerset. Once you’ve explored it on the ground, witness the Somerset countryside from above by hopping on a hot air balloon ride!

5. Taunton (Somerset Hot Air Balloon Location)

Hot Air Balloon Rides - Fly Away Ballooning

As Somerset’s county town, Taunton is where historic charm meets a modern atmosphere. Its picturesque streets are lined with ancient buildings and bustling markets, offering a glimpse into its rich agricultural heritage. And don’t forget the town’s centre, which is full of quaint cafes, inviting shops, and the impressive Somerset County Museum. 

Taunton is also a gateway to stunning rural landscapes, making it an ideal base for exploring Somerset’s hidden treasures. Guess what? We also feature hot air balloon rides in this part of Somerset!

6. Savour a Cream Tea

Indulge in Somerset's traditional cream tea before (or after) cycling, exploring, or hot air ballooning. Picture yourself sitting amidst quaint tearooms adorned with floral decor, savouring freshly baked scones topped with clotted cream and strawberry jam. This quintessential English treat is a must-try when visiting the area!

FAB Tip: One of the quintessential things to do in Somerset is to partake in the old-age English debate: jam or cream first on your scone?

7. Weston-Super-Mare

Visiting Weston-Super-Mare is one of the top things to do in Somerset during the summer. With its classic English seaside charm, it boasts a wide sandy beach perfect for sun-seekers and families alike. The iconic Grand Pier features many traditional arcade games, a small rollercoaster, and incredible sea views, making it a place for everyone.

8. Montacute Castle (Historical Thing to do in Somerset)

This castle, steeped in history since its construction after the Norman Conquest, stands as a monument to Somerset’s medieval past. Now a cherished National Trust site, visitors can explore its ancient chambers and learn about its dual role as a residence and a fortress. 

The castle’s imposing architecture and meticulously maintained gardens offer a glimpse into centuries gone by, making it a must-visit for those exploring Somerset during the summer months.

9. Ride West Somerset Railway

Riding the West Somerset Railway is a nostalgic journey through time and picturesque landscapes. Departing from Bishops Lydeard station, this historic steam train chugs its way through the tranquil countryside (West Somerset), allowing you to soak up the scenery and immerse yourself in the history of railways. You can’t miss this top thing to do in Somerset!

As you sit back in vintage carriages, the rhythmic chuffing of the steam engine sets the scene for a journey just like back in the day. Throughout the summer, the train features some special events, such as themed period reenactments, bringing to life the atmosphere of over a century ago.

10. Visit a Museum

With such a rich history, Somerset County has plenty of museums dedicated to everything from natural history to Victorian fashion. Explore the Somerset County Museum in Taunton, where exhibits show the region’s artefacts from prehistoric times to the Industrial Revolution. 

For art lovers, the renowned Museum of Somerset is beautiful. However, in Bath, you’ll find many others. Whether you're interested in geological wonders or the opulence of the past, there’s lots to learn in the county’s museums. 

Where is Somerset?

Somerset is a county in the southwest of England, between the Bristol Channel, Dorset, and Devon. It’s about a three-hour car journey from London and slightly longer on public transport. 

The region is home to two cities, Bath and Wells, and borders the city of Bristol. In the middle lies the county town Taunton, which is unusually small for the region’s size. However, there are plenty of other charming villages and hamlets to be found, both between the rolling hills of the countryside and along the rugged coast.

How to Get to Somerset

Most people travel to Somerset from London as the region has good connections with the capital. From there, it’s about a 3-hour drive to get to Somerset. Alternatively, you can also take public transport, such as the train or bus. 

Somerset has two main train stations, one in Taunton and one in Bridgwater, connected on the Great Western Railway’s Intercity route. From London Paddington, it takes about 3.5 hours to get to Somerset. From Paddington Rail Station, you can also catch the daily bus to North Petherton.

Tip: Somerset itself can be explored on foot, by car, by bike, or by bus. However, one of the best things to do in Somerset is to see it from a unique perspective on a hot air balloon ride

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