Hot Air Balloon Marriage Proposal (5 FAB Tips)


A hot air balloon marriage proposal is one of the most romantic ways of expressing your love. Imagine the thrill of floating above the breathtaking scenery of the Southwest, waiting for the perfect moment to sink down on one knee and finally pop the question. Whether you propose before your flight, during your journey above the rolling hills, or once you’ve landed, we’re here to help you make it happen! Here are five helpful tips to make your proposal in a hot air balloon go as seamlessly and magically as possible.

Are Hot Air Balloons Romantic?

Hot air balloon proposals are incredibly romantic. The private experience of floating high above the ground with panoramic views and the quietness of the sky adds a touch of magic to the moment. Whether it’s a misty sunrise morning or against the warm hues of sunset, a hot air balloon proposal offers a dreamy setting for your marriage proposal.

Is it a Good Idea to Propose on a Hot Air Balloon? 

The uniqueness of proposing in a hot air balloon makes it an unforgettable experience for you and your partner. We have plenty of experience hosting hot air balloon proposals — and everyone has said ‘yes’!

Our private hot air balloon rides include a photography package to capture your big moment, as well as our signature G&T flight tipple for you to enjoy while savouring the scenes. Upon your arrival, our balloon will stand in all its glory, ready for you to hop on board. 

Note: Please contact us beforehand if you’d prefer champagne or another beverage. 

Top Tips for a Hot Air Balloon Marriage Proposal

Proposing during a hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it does require a bit of planning. Make sure it goes as smoothly as possible with our helpful tips for a hot air balloon marriage proposal.

1.  Pop the Question in the Air

Even though it may be difficult to contain your excitement, we recommend waiting to ask the big question until you reach the desired altitude. There’s nothing more magical than gently floating through the sky while you look down at the rolling green hills, taking in all the beautiful scenery. Once you’ve reached the perfect spot, you can pop the question!

In air balloon flight proposal on one knee giving ring

Use the time before to reflect on your relationship, talk about the future, or simply enjoy flying past the landscapes. The build-up makes for an extraordinary experience!

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2. Inform your Pilot of your Plans

On a private ride, your pilot can help you make your proposal in a hot air balloon the most memorable experience. They can assist with any special requests or give you a quick signal for when it’s the best time — always with the utmost discretion.

During a flight, we also need to ‘burn’ to maintain altitude, which can be quite noisy. If your pilot knows your plans, they can reduce the noise at the most scenic spots, so you’ll only hear the sounds of nature. 

FAB Tip: Not ready to come back down to earth? Ask your pilot if you can extend the length of your flight for you to celebrate this incredible moment. 

3. Remain Flexible

Always remember that hot air balloon rides are dependent on the weather conditions. They typically take place in the morning or late afternoon when the winds are calmer (often timed with a stunning backdrop of a setting or rising sun). 

Bristol backdrop with newly engaged couple showing ring from air balloon

However, unpredictable weather can always occur, so have a flexible timetable; we’ll gladly reschedule your hot air balloon ride for another day! If you really want to do the proposal on your selected date, make sure to have a backup plan.

4. Don’t Forget Photos

Our Proposal Packages always include photography, where we’ll record your hot air balloon marriage proposal. This is done on our GoPro rig, allowing you to relax and enjoy the flight while we get some candid footage of the happy couple and the beautiful scenery below. 

Newly engaged couple posing for proposal balloon flight

If you’d like, it’s also possible to have a photographer present on the balloon (under the guise of a FAB employee). This way, you have some professional shots to commemorate the moment.

5. Arrange for a Celebratory Beverage

You’ve done it! You’ve asked the question and received a happy ‘yes’ in response. Brimming with joy, you make it back to the ground. Now, all that’s left is to celebrate. 

Our tailor-made packages also include a champagne or gin experience to add a special touch to your hot air balloon proposal! Cheers to your new fiance, as a beautiful sunset colours the hills. 

Can you Get Married on a Hot Air Balloon?

Unfortunately, due to UK laws, you can't legally marry during a hot air balloon flight. If this were to change, we’d love to be the first to do so! We do, however, offer hot air balloon hire for weddings, where the balloons are tethered to the ground. This is the perfect addition to your wedding, offering your guests the experience of flying in a balloon while looking down at the beautiful venue.

There’s nothing more romantic than proposing in a hot air balloon — high up in the sky, surrounded by the stunning southwest scenery, while the world floats slowly by. Whatever you need, Fly Away Ballooning is here to help you bring the proposal of your dreams to life. Now, all that’s left is to pop the question! 

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