Hot Air Balloon Advertising, Branding & Marketing

Reaching your audience from the air

Hot air balloons are a marvellous sight in our skies. They’re universally fascinating, and today they provide companies with a powerful advertising opportunity. In fact, seeing a hot air balloon in the sky connects with our emotions, which is why balloon branding has the highest recall rate of all types of advertising. Think of it as your floating billboard—seen for miles by thousands of people. 

You’re one flight away from…

  • Grabbing media headlines.
  • Generating a buzz on social media.
  • Targeting your exact market at country-wide events.

Take your brand to the sky today

Advertise differently 

The very nature of air balloon advertising sets it apart from traditional advertising; it’s the most memorable of all methods, guaranteed to create a lasting impression. As a long-term, high-impact, low-cost marketing tool, balloon marketing invites you to not only be different but actually stand out from your competitors.

Did you know? 

A balloon has a CPM (cost per mile) of up to 10 times less than any other type of traditional media, owing to its 8-10 year lifespan. This makes balloon branding one of the most effective yet affordable advertising strategies out there.


A floating billboard at the country’s biggest events

We use target flying to put your brand at centre stage, getting your balloon in the right place at the right time. 

Think of the balloon as your very own frequent floating billboard, becoming part of the English scenery and at events across the country (or worldwide). With an impactful air balloon ad that we’ve designed together, your message will be seen and remembered from great distances.

Where we’ve gone so far

We’ve covered everything from Hot Air Balloon Fiestas, Music Festivals, Sporting Events and Country Shows—all of which welcome balloons. We’ve even flown above Glastonbury festival in full swing. If it’s logistically possible, we’re willing to give anything a try!

Event case study

In 2021, we flew a balloon at Bristol Balloon Fiesta, reaching a total of 287.5 million people with our balloon branding! Here’s a breakdown of the stats: 

Attendees: 500,000 (2018)

Print and online articles: 243 | Reach >52m

Broadcasts: 920 | Reach: 244m

Social Media reach | 2.7m 

Total reach: >287.5m 


Stop, stare, and share

One of the most powerful marketing tools in 2022 is consumers themselves. A whopping 63% of people who see a balloon will share their image online to their own networks, creating traction and drawing attention to your air balloon ad.

Our user-generated content—whether it’s influencers, brands, or bystanders—has reached millions on social media, making us impossible to ignore. Will your air balloon advertisement be the next to make waves online? 

The Media Can’t Resist

We’ve made BBC news headlines for flying over the Isle of Wight Festival, appeared on Sky Sports at the Women’s International Cricket, and made local headlines countless times—including our exciting landing in a primary school field. We draw attention everywhere we fly

A once-in-a-lifetime customer experience

Use your hot air balloon to take your clients into the skies and offer an extraordinary aerial experience. From the moment they approach your magnificently branded balloon, they’ll have an experience to remember. After all, it’s pretty impossible to forget one of our 360-degree flights! 

Bath Gin Case Study

The perfect experience for corporate guests, customers, staff and the media.

In partnership with one of our clients, Bath Gin, we hosted a 360-degree gin experience. During the flight, we served a gin cocktail from 3000 ft—proving that the sky is the limit when it comes to branding opportunities. 

We’ll make you impossible to ignore.

Contact us today to receive our marketing document and to discuss how to get your brand up in the sky. 

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