5 Romantic Reasons to Hire a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon creates its very own magic, whether it’s the serene feeling of floating high above the ground or the breathtaking views of natural surroundings. With only the sky as your witness, it’s the perfect activity for your most cherished moments — proposing to your beloved as you gracefully drift over the picturesque valleys or exchanging your vows while multiple hot air balloon tethers light up in the background. Whatever the occasion, allow us to take you on your adventure with your partner, friends, or family. Discover why a hot air balloon ride makes the perfect addition to any romantic occasion.    

1. Hot Air Balloon Wedding Proposal

A hot air balloon proposal is one of the most unique and memorable ways to propose to your loved one, making for an unforgettable story. Picture this: the sun has started to set, lighting up the sky in vibrant orange and pink colours, and you’re soaring high above the rolling hills. With the quietness of the surroundings and only the occasional puff of air released into the balloon, it’s the perfect moment to pop the question.

FAB Proposal Tip: Arrange for a celebratory beverage at your landing spot. Our tailor-made packages also include a champagne or gin experience to add a special touch to celebrate your hot air balloon proposal !

2. Anniversary Celebration

Toast to the milestone in your relationship with 360-degree views of breathtaking landscapes high up in the sky. From little towns and rolling hills to the impressive coastline, you’ll travel where the wind takes you, making your ride totally unique. This experience is the perfect way to celebrate your special anniversary in style. 

Take a hot air balloon flight from one of our launch sites, where the balloon and pilot wait for you. This private experience means you’ll have it all to yourselves, allowing you to take stunning images of the surrounding hills and green lands that stretch out to the sea. 

After your flight, enjoy a complementary tipple from local distilleries, like a Bath Gin or Somerset Cider Brandy. No matter how intimate or large the group is, we can help you plan the perfect anniversary gift.

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3. Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Imagine your wedding day, bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun, as tethered hot air balloons add a pop of colour to the celebration. 

This unique experience offers a spectacular backdrop for your wedding and is also a fantastic accessory for your wedding photoshoot. Above all, though, it’s exciting entertainment for your guests. If the weather permits, you and your loved ones can ascend between 50 and 75 feet and enjoy a tethered flight. The intimate setting of our balloon accommodates up to 4 people, ensuring a comfortable experience that sets us apart from larger operators. 

As the night arrives, the balloons illuminate the wedding party with glowing lights, adding to the magic of the big day. 

FAB Wedding Tip: We offer a standard 2 hours of tethering for hot air balloon hire at weddings , with the option to add more hours so every guest can experience a fun tethered hot air balloon ride . Most wedding venues are very happy to accommodate hot air balloons.

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4. Aerial Wedding Photoshoot

Your hot air balloon proposal, engagement announcement, or wedding day deserves to be captured in a way you can remember forever. What better way to do this than to ascend into the sky and gently fly above the beautiful southern scenery? 

Float among the clouds, silhouetted against the morning sun or bathed in warm hues during sunset — and let the landscape be the backdrop as the photographer captures your special moment.

5. Engagement Party

Just like our hot air balloon wedding packages , we also accommodate engagement parties. Celebrate your engagement with an enchanting tethered hot air balloon ride . As you embark on this journey with your loved ones, let the beauty below become the backdrop to the party. 

Once darkness falls, the hot air balloons light up the sky with bursts of yellow flames in the bulbs. Have your photographer ready to capture the beautiful night glow of the balloons and the incredible atmosphere they add to the setting.

Hot Air Balloon Tethers and Rides for Romantic Occasions

Take to the skies in style and see the stunning landscapes of the Southwest from a new perspective by going on a hot air balloon ride. Whether you’re looking to travel with the wind on a romantic private flight or want tethered hot air balloon rides at your event, we’ll take you and your guests on an aerial adventure of a lifetime. 

Tethered air balloon rides are unique and memorable activities for weddings , anniversaries, or engagement parties. Unlike a routine flight, they’re tied to the ground and only rise about 50-75 feet high in the sky. Watch how the balloon takes shape as it fills with air, eventually growing to 90 feet tall, and hop aboard with our helpful crew.

How it works: We offer a standard 2 hours of tethering for hot air balloon hire at weddings , with the option to add more hours. Our flights are perfect for guests to try during your event, especially before and after sunset!

Availability: Our shared flights are available mornings and evenings, weekdays and weekends, from April to October. Live availability is shown on our website. Please note, as with all hot air balloon rides, they are entirely weather-dependent.

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Whether you exchange vows amidst the illuminated glow of tethered hot air balloons or capture your love story on an aerial photo shoot, each hot air balloon ride is a unique experience etched against the backdrop of the Southwest. Kickstart your romantic celebrations, and toast with your partner, friends, and family while looking down on the beautiful surroundings

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