Bailey Balloons sold to Virgin Balloon Flights

It is the end of an era for Bailey Balloons, the Bristol based balloon company has been running as a family business for over 28 years and now they are passing the baton over to Virgin Balloon Flights.


Bailey Balloons also owned Aerosaurus Balloons and South West Balloon Flights all off which will now be retired and passengers will instead be flying with Virgin. 


After an incredible 28 years pioneering for ballooning, the avid balloonists Jo and Clive Bailey will be taking a step back. We will miss their balloons in the skies but sure that we will be seeing them again at balloon events, including the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, which Clive is the flight director for.


They have paved the way in ballooning over the years and made some compelling feats to be admired for. Jo participated in the spectacular stunt for the Land Rover advertising campaign in 2008 and we are sure you remember the opening scene of Frozen Planet 2. Clive flew Sir David Attenborough at high altitude over the Swiss Alps. Iconic moments for ballooning that we can thank this pair for.


So begins an exciting new era of flying, this age old sport hasn’t changed much over the years and it’s this charm that keeps our passion here at Fly Away Ballooning ignited. We thank previous balloonists for paving the way in the sport of ballooning but we are excited for new challenges and opportunities the future has to offer.


Fly Away Ballooning offer shared balloon rides in Taunton, Exeter and Bath as well as private balloon experiences across the south west. We want to keep ballooning alive with our personable approach and being locally born and bred as it were. Support Fly Away Ballooning by flying and buying locally. 


We can’t wait to see you in the skies, so book today. 

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