Hot Air Balloon Bath

Fly from the heart of the city

Drift over Bath in our beautiful Bath balloon sponsored by the first distillery within the city for over 250 years. Sip local gin as you experience this aerial mystery tour.

As you rise above England’s finest Georgian city explore this living museum from the unique vantage point of a sport that has defied time and technology like the city below. 

The circus, Bath

Bath is a spectacular city, rich in Roman and Georgian heritage, nestled in a sheltered valley surrounded by seven wooded hills. In all directions beyond you will be drifting over stunning English countryside.

Little can compare with the experience of a hot air balloon ride over Bath from Royal Victoria Park, the heart of the country’s only city to be listed as a world heritage site. 

After you gently rise into the sky Bath’s famous landmarks will come into view. You cannot miss the iconic Royal Crescent, a sweeping crescent of 30 Grade 1 listed terrace houses arranged around a perfect lawn over looking the park. It is without doubt one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture anywhere in the UK. 

hot air balloon ride, Bath

When viewed from the air The Royal Crescent is joined by a ley-line to another jewel in Bath’s crown, The Circus. It is said that together they represent the sun and the moon. The circus is a circle of townhouses that surround the impressive London Plane trees that stand in the middle.

Bath, UK

As you leave the city behind you and fly over one of the seven wooded hills loose yourself in the stunning landscape that surrounds Bath. Depending on the wind direction your balloon ride may take you over The Cotsworld’s, The Mendips or gently along the historic Kennet and Avon canal. 

Bath is a beautiful city and the BEST way to experience all it's beauty is to fly right over it. To top it off all our Bath balloon rides come with a complimentary drink courtesy of The Bath Distillery!

Book your hot air balloon ride Bath! 

We look forward to sharing the skies with you soon.

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