Experience an Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Ride for Your Bucket List

At Fly Away Ballooning we understand that hot air balloon rides for most are a once in a lifetime experience. Featuring high on almost all lists of things that people want to do before they die, It really is a must do! Typical ‘bucket list’ items are peak experiences that will provide you with rich memories and this is why hot air balloon rides are a popular choice. 

family in a hot air balloon on its side in a field all wearing a fly away ocean cap

You never forget your first Hot Air Balloon Ride! 

The feeling of rising into the sky in the open air with the wind and sun on your face and 360 degree views surrounding you is completely unique. Adding to the sense of mystery around your balloon ride is the fact that you don’t know the exact route you are taking, every hot air balloon ride is its own adventure based on the wind direction of the time and day.

Wherever you decide to Balloon over Britain you will experience a unique perspective of a world that you thought you knew. Whether you are close to the ground viewing the fascinating wildlife, up amongst the clouds marvelling at their powdery appearance, or peering down at dramatic cliffs, rolling hills and toybox towns, you will be intrigued by this aerial mystery tour. 

two people peering down on Bristol city centre from a hot air balloon

A simpler time meets now

Hot air balloons are unlike all other forms of modern air travel. They are not about getting to a destination as quickly as possible, in fact balloons are almost useless and exclusively used for peoples enjoyment. Did you know that hot air ballooning dates back to 1783 when the Montgolfier brothers were the first humans to fly. A little has changed since this time but for the most part it is a sport that has defied time and technology. 

A balloon ride is slow and takes you back to a simpler time. It is best as a shared experience where a couple, family or group of friends come together and make memories that last a lifetime. After your balloon flight take the time to relax over a complimentary drink and toast to a memory you won’t forget. The fact that the memory will stay with you for life will make you far happier about your expenditure, than the iPhone 7 you were so proud of a few years ago which is now considered obsolete. 

two balloon flight passengers enjoying a complimentary drink

Hot Air Ballooning is for anyone and everyone 

One of the great things about hot air ballooning and a balloon ride is that they are universally fascinating and age and fitness are no barrier to fly. People in their 70s, 80s and even older are frequent flyers. 

In todays hectic world spending quality time with a loved one, your family or friends can become a luxury. This uniquely old fashioned experience which will enrich your life and provide memories that stay with you forever, is the perfect experience to enjoy with those closest to you. It is for this reason we do not fly large balloons carrying 16 others. We feel that the best way to experience a balloon ride is on a Private Hot Air Balloon flight with Fly Away Ballooning. 

FAB offer Exclusive Balloon Flights throughout the South West. We have a selection of launch sites in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Hampshire. With our private balloon flights you can also choose your own launch site, perhaps you have your own land or a friendly farmer nearby. We can also source suitable hot air balloon launch sites for you in the area you wish to fly. 

Contact us today to arrange your once in a lifetime hot air balloon ride or book your private flight here. All our hot air balloon rides are carbon neutral

You will be flown by Hugo, a third generation balloonist. 



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