Why Choose a Balloon Ride Near Yeovil?

There are few greater places to enjoy a Somerset hot air balloon ride than from Haselbury Mill near Crewkerne. Nestled in the wonderful Somerset countryside not far from Yeovil, this hospitality village steeped in history with a timeless charm is the most fitting place to enjoy a sport that has defied time and technology. 

Before your Somerset balloon ride take the time to explore Haselbury Mill and all it has to offer; perhaps grab a bite to eat or a pre flight drink in the beautiful green garden next to the tranquil lake of Haselbury Mill’s breathtaking lawns. 

After enjoying all Haselbury Mill has to offer from the ground you will get to watch the incredible spectacle of the balloon inflation, once happily in the wicker basket you will gently rise from the breathtaking gardens to enjoy the incredible view of the three historically listed buildings and the magnificent tithe barn. As you begin to climb on your Somerset balloon ride you will see the characteristically rolling green hills of this timeless countryside.

Bath gin hot air balloon inflating on the lawn at Haselbury Mill in Somerset before a yeovil balloon ride

Balloon rides near Yeovil give you a unique perspective of the South West, you will be surprised with the possibilities of what you will get to see. As you gaze to the North West you will be able to see the glorious expanse of the Bristol channel, then as you sweep your eyes along the North Somerset coast line you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the seven bridge. Further still to the east lies the iconic Somerset landmark, Glastonbury Tor. With unlimited panoramic views in the open air remember just don’t forget to look behind you as it’s here where the green rolling hills of Somerset merge to the jurassic coast of Dorset.  

Whichever direction the wind takes you launching from Haselbury Mill you shall be met with some awesome sites. To the North lies the Roman site of Ham Hill followed by the wetland area of the Somerset Levels. Or perhaps you will even cross county borders as to the East is delightful Dorset. Wherever your journey takes you it is sure to be unique and memorable when enjoying a balloon ride with Fly Away Ballooning.

Family smiling in a hot air balloon with a view of the Somerset Levels.

On some occasions on our Yeovil balloon rides from Haselbury Mill, we are lucky enough to have other ballooning company, including the Fly Navy Balloon and others making for a miniature Somerset balloon fiesta. 

Fly Away Ballooning offer private and shared balloon rides where you will enjoy the experience with a maximum of 8 other guests. We prefer our flights to be more exclusive, personable and special, which is why we don’t fly large balloons carrying 16 passengers, we know that a balloon flight is much more comfortable and enjoyable with fewer people. 

Take to the skies on your Yeovil balloon ride with FAB.

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