5 Reasons to gift a balloon flight...

There are many conventional and uninteresting presents that you could get… If you are looking for something to remember, go the extra mile and gift an experience like no other. 

5 reasons to gift a hot air balloon ride...

  1. Experiences are all about making memories, they help shape who we are and create a much deeper bond with partners, friends and family. Balloon rides are an excellent way to spend time with those closest to you. You never forget your first lighter than air experience. 
  2. Hot air ballooning tends to be lived out in groups or in pairs and that’s why they are so great! It’s not just the fact you are building new memories, it’s that you share these with others during and after. 
  3. We get more excited about future experiences! One of the best bits about gifting a balloon flight is waiting for it! Just as you get excited before going on holiday, the anticipation is part of the thrill! In air ballooning patience is the name of the game!
  4. Avoid the waste. We can send out same day hot air balloon e-vouchers that don't need any packaging and trimmings to make them look good! You easily circumvent the gift wrappers, resources and supply chain footprint of physical gifts. 
  5. Some people are hard to buy for! Try doing something rather than finding something! We all have things we want to do but just never seem to get around to. Hot air balloon flights are a bucket list thing to do for most people, gifting one is an opportunity to remedy that!

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