The most unique and fun wedding entertainment package.

Hot air balloon wedding entertainment will make your special day the one to remember!

Weddings are without a doubt a joyful and fun celebration we can’t get enough off. The day entails a glamorous ceremony, a tasty meal of which we have all forgotten what we ordered, politely and sympathetically laughing along to the nervous best man, a lot of standing and smiling for pictures and finally a dance in front of the DJ blaring out Mr Brightside. Sound familiar? That’s the problem, they are all a bit… …the same?

How to make your special day more special? If you want to stand out you could take inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker who wore a black wedding gown, or alternatively, Kim Kardashian who opted for a whopping $2.5 million diamond head-dress. Let’s not forget the scene from the film The Wedding Video where the bride enters the reception on the bow of a ship to the song from Titanic - before crashing into all of the guests!

Luckily we at Fly Away Ballooning have a fun wedding entertainment solution. With our Celebrations hot air balloon secured to the ground, we can wow your guests with balloon rides up to 60 feet and back down again. That’s the guests entertained while you’re off doing your photo shoot! Talking of photo’s, there is no greater backdrop to your wedding than a hot air balloon. The quintessentially romantic nature to hot air balloons help to create a magical feel and a wonderful atmosphere. 

We tether the balloon for two hours which can be split into two, one hour tethers. After tethering for an hour in the afternoon we will bring the balloon down again and wait. As darkness falls the atmosphere intensifies as the balloon glows under the bright flame from the burners creating a moment to remember. We can tailor our service with the tiniest of details to truly make your special day more special.

You’ll be able to remember your special day with our good friend Ben. Also known as Who is Benjamin, Ben is a leading wedding photographer based in Somerset with an Instagram following of 62k! Ben is responsible for the wonderful pictures detailing our celebrations balloon throughout this blog.

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